Welcome New Member: Fantastic Cleaning LTD.

Fantastic Cleaning LTD is a cleaning commercial Company which was founded in June, 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta. Their office is located on 16421 Stony plain Road. It is owned and operated by Michael Gilazghi and family. Their vision is to be an environmentally friendly company by cleaning commercial and residential spaces to foster healthy and happy communities. Michael provides customer focused, environmentally friendly cleaning services that ensure customers’ satisfactions.

Services | Fantastic cleaning operates on contractual basis with a range of customers. The main targets of its businesses are commercial & residential spaces. The company provides the following services: custodial cleaning; sanitation/disinfection cleaning; floor restoration/floor maintenance; floor matting/cleaning services; window cleaning; post-construction cleaning; pre/post-mobilization cleaning.

Michael and his family are delighted to join WBC and look forward to a mutually health & beneficial relationship.

For more information please contact: Michael Gilazghi, CEO #407 – 16421 Stony Plain, Edmonton, AB Canada T5P 4E8

Telephone: 780.802.1987 | Email: michaelgilazghi@gmail.com