Welcome New Member Carlos Campos Bracho

WELCOME new WBC Member! | Carlos Campos Bracho

Carlos is originally from Mexico and is not only very friendly, convivial and collegial, but it is also a result-oriented professional with a proven track record within the IT industry and academic worlds both in Mexico and Canada.

He has over 12 years of knowledge of different areas of Business Intelligence (BI), and Computational Intelligence (CI) plus a wide range of experience in software development involving the above frameworks and applied mainly in ITIL performance management, multidimensional databases modeling, data extraction, data transformation, data integration, data-driven analysis, data-driven decision support, data-driven strategic maps and prediction | forecasting applications.

Carlos looks forward to contributing to the development and growth of Wayfinders Business Cooperative for the common good of freelancers, the self-employed, gig workers, small business and of course, immigrant entrepreneurs. He can be reached by email at:


T: 780.690.3980

Welcome Carlos! May the journey with WBC be fruitful.