Directors Profile: Randal Adcock

Randal Adcock, MA, Chair Wayfinders Business Co-operative

President & Chief Innovation Officer

Wayfinders Business Co-operative

In today’s world of unprecedented complexity, we need to get back to simple basics. That means following core values and principles that make us all human. That is my message.

I am, at heart, a human systems developer.  It all starts with helping people to develop and actualize their personal and professional potentials. But as people are social animals, we must also build strong relationships that are trusting, fair and constructive. Then we need to develop smart and compassionate organizations that serve both their members and their publics.

Community building may be less formal than organization development but no less critical in creating an environment for healthy organizations, relationships and citizens. We can get good at synthesizing best practices of all kinds. When we get these local systems working well we can offer our model to others and scale up and unfold like a fractal.

Civilization, like life itself, is a continuing experiment. At the same time, every action we take contributes in some small way to the definition of humanity that is our legacy. We are finding our way.


  • Co-Founder, Wayfinders Business Co-operative, incorporated 2017
  • Economic development experience including 12 years with Government of Canada
  • Business coach for 10 years assisting over 200 new entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneur, having started three businesses
  • Various community volunteer experience
  • Instructor, Introduction to Business Management, MacEwan College
  • MA, Community Development, University of Alberta
  • BA, Philosophy and Social Science
  • Citation – Business Analysis
  • Certificate – Management Development