Online Vendors Workshop

Welcome Wayfinders and Friends:

This is a workshop to work through how to set up a vendor account and space on the Wayfinders Commerce website and to share ideas on how to improve the site.
Come if you want to explore the feasibility of setting up a vendor account. Its good for selling services as well as products, downloadable products, or booking time (e.g. coaching, lessons) and meeting space. In fact, we’re exploring ways to turn it into a supply chain management system with a smart search engine.

Bring a friend who may be interested in selling online.

Come if you’re just curious. The first part will be a general orientation.

London Drugs has set up a workshop room that is open to the public, with a large screen TV and chairs with desktops so you can use your device. The room is booked. We can manage up 16 people.

An RSVP to this invitation would be appreciated.
This should be quite exciting!


Our trial commerce site: