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The Commons Edmonton Podcast:

On Civil Society and Democracy

Host Rod Olstad and guests explore the “Third Sector”: the Voluntary and not-for-profit/Non-Governmental sectors of the Canadian Economy from a local perspective.  How are Edmontonians and others  “picking up the slack”; taking on the tasks and needs that are left unfulfilled by the corporate and public sectors?  How are these efforts reflected in our democracy and the media?  

Albertans happen to donate more money to charities and NGOs than any other Canadian province.


WBC 2018-19 Annual Review

I am pleased to present this slide video that captures some of the highlights of the Wayfinders year 2018-19!
Thank you to all the great people who made the year a success!
Thank you to board leadership from Darryl Heuman, Klaas Rodenburg, Louis Grenier and Ben Sabet!
Thank you to IT Team leadership from Darryl Heuman, William Fritzberg, Paula Fortune, Angela Coutinho, Erick Estrada and Mark Gao.
Thank you to new board members WIllaim Fritzberg and Erick Estrada and to new committee leaders, Evelinne Crawford Teichgraber and Marie Gervais
Thanks to Vanessa Ali for her great graphics, Rod Olstad for the podcast and Bojan Kumovic for the video production.
Thanks to Leo Campos Aldunez for his ongoing work in community outreach and general advice.
Thanks to our Advisors: Laird Hunter QC, Sam Young CA, Dean Human (marketing) and Seth Leon (co-ops).
Thanks to our many guest speakers this past year.
Thank you to new members who understand that there are great things to come from a community of trust.

I will soon share a Wayfinding Forward for the coming year.

“Many hands make light work”

Here is a link to the video on YouTube

WBC 2018-19 Annual Review



The book recounts stories from the beginning of human history to the present day of grassroots efforts to improve life for the majority, especially the most vulnerable. In 300 pages, Compassion provides a history of humanity with all its warts that emphasizes the lives of the people rather than the kings, lords,and magnates.

WBC members get a special price and a signed copy of the book COMPASSION: A GLOBAL HISTORY of SOCIAL POLICY, by local author Alvin Finkel. The price is $40.00 and you can get it directly from him here: |
About: Alvin Finkel is the author|co-author, or co-editor of 13 history books including Working People in Alberta: A History, History of the Canadian Peoples, The Chamberlain-Hitler Collusion, and Social Policy and Practice in Canada: A History. He is president of the Alberta Labour History Institute, professor emeritus of History at Athabasca University, and half of the writing team of Change Alberta.