Time for Hope

Time for hope.
I hope that we take the time to create new opportunities.
I hope that we take time to imagine a better world on the other side of this crisis.

Historically these large challenges have been catalysts for giant leaps forward. They bring out our best hidden collective capacities. The Renaissance followed the Black Plague.

Hope is not only powerful, it is essential. You know it!
Imagine the rediscovery of something deep inside us all, something we thought might have been lost forever. Imagine that in quarantine we find new friends online and make a sustainable community.

These are the hopes of Wayfinders I have been talking with.
The new world on the other side of the crisis is a world that we will create. And we first create that world with a vision using our imaginations.

Let us stand together in resolve that we are agents of development. We together create our world and define what it means to be human.

What does this mean?

It means that you should take time to talk with your friends about the serious things on your mind. It means working through your ideas with a trusted friend. It is the art of conversation that separates us from other animals and makes civilization possible.

To create the new world, go back to basics.

Take time to talk about your hopes and dreams!