Promise, Adversity and the Choice to Heal

A Weekend Workshop with Michael Palmer

Edmonton, Friday, September 13 – Sunday, September 15

While the promise of love and joy belongs to you, much can bar the way to your promised land. All of the obstacles, challenges and adversity that we face in life, are rooted in the loveless, unconscious beliefs that we hold to be true about ourselves. If you would enter your promised land … you must unearth your loveless beliefs and bring them to the light of awareness where they can be forgiven and let go.

This workshop extends a powerful opportunity to forgive the error and remember … that love is who you are. If you would invite this remembrance for yourself, this workshop, is for you.

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Michael Palmer

About Michael Palmer

Michael relies upon Spirit to work through him for the welfare of those he serves. His workshops support participants to face their fears, overcome their adversity and embrace the happiness they are truly meant for. His delightful sense of humor brings levity and flow to the process, all of which combine to extend a profound opportunity for participants to effect healing in their lives. In a great many cases his workshops are reported to be, life changing.

When one person chooses to step through their fears to the promise of their heart, they truly light the way for us all. One person does make a difference. I invite you to become that person. Your presence, your choice and your contribution are vital to the lives of others and the promise of who we are. This workshop is about fulfilling that promise together.