Welcome New Member Peyman Hessari!

Peyman Hessari | Is a highly skilled & dedicated professional with more than five years of experience spanning research, numerical analysis, computational mathematics, statistical modeling, data manipulation, machine learning, and functional programming. Over the years, he has gained a remarkable track record in designing, implementing and debugging software, testing developed code, modifying the source code & engineering automated tests to validate program features.

With many accomplishments and demonstrated ability working on full cycle projects and collaborating with cross-functional teams of different disciplines, communicating effectively with all levels of the organizational departments and providing continuous support to all business units, he is looking forward to contributing to the Wayfinders Business Cooperative © journey, helping to enhance operational capacities, efficiencies and effectiveness.  He also has a PH.D. in Applied Mathematics & Computational Science, accompanied by 20+ academic publications, research studies, scholarships, recognition and pioneered algorithms.

We are pleased to have Peyman join our platform cooperative & social enterprise. May this journey be fruitful for him and all us at WBC. Should you wish to connect with him, he can be reached at 780.909.2538 or by email at: p.hessari@gmail.com| Welcome!