Wayfinders Business Co-operative currently has five directors on its board.

  • Randal Adcock, Chair
  • Darryl Heuman, Secretary
  • Klaas Rodenburg, Vice Chair
  • Litzy Baeza
  • William Fritzberg

Randal Adcock, MA

Chair, President & Chief Innovation Officer

In today’s world of unprecedented complexity, we need to get back to simple basics. That means following core values and principles that make us all human. That is Randal’s message.

Randal is, at heart, a human systems developer.  It all starts with helping people to develop and actualize their personal and professional potentials. But as people are social animals, we must also build strong relationships that are trusting, fair and constructive. Then we need to develop smart and compassionate organizations that serve both their members and their publics.

Community building may be less formal than organization development but no less critical in creating an environment for healthy organizations, relationships and citizens. We can get good at synthesizing best practices of all kinds. When we get these local systems working well we can offer our model to others and scale up and unfold like a fractal.

Civilization, like life itself, is a continuing experiment. At the same time, every action we take contributes in some small way to the definition of humanity that is our legacy. We are finding our way.


  • Co-Founder, Wayfinders Business Co-operative, incorporated 2017
  • Economic development experience including 14 years with Government of Canada
  • Business coach for 10 years assisting over 200 new entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneur, having started three businesses
  • Various community volunteer experiences
  • Instructor, Introduction to Business Management, MacEwan College (1996 – ’02)
  • MA, Community Development, University of Alberta (1982)
  • BA, Philosophy and Social Science (1978)
  • Certificate – Management Development (1986)
  • Citation – Business Analysis (2016)

Klaas Rodenburg, MA, CET, LEED®, AP

Vice Chair

Klaas currently serves as Advisor on the Energy Transition Climate Resilience Committee at the City of Edmonton. Klaas is a self-professed unrepentant generalist with a passion for technology, the built environment and lifelong learning. His career started in 1974 when Cheriton Engineering hired him as a junior drafter right out of high school. Continuing his interest in finding solutions to unique problems led him to enroll in the Industrial Design program at the University of Alberta. Industrial design lives between art and engineering and exposed me to the concepts of integrated design and 3D thinking.

When Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) emerged within the consulting engineering sector in the late 80’s he was able to migrate the drafting department from manual drafting to process to CAD where drawings were created electronically and plotted. This caught the attention of the marketing department who wanted to take advantage of these digital tools. When he returned to project management role in 2002 he was able to use the communication skills learned from marketing to develop the concepts of integrated design by developing the internal electronic Best Practices Manual (eBMP). This captured the best practices and processes from multiple regional offices and acquired companies and made it available to all designers. During this time, sustainable design through LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) come into being and in 2003 Klaas became a LEED Accredited Professional and an ENV Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) and later, in 2013 Verifier.

In 2009 Klaas earned a Masters of Art in Communication and Technology (MACT) program at the University of Alberta. His final project was a case study of the eBPM titled ‘The Role of Virtual Communities of Practice in Knowledge Management’.

  • Advisor, Energy Transition Climate Resilience Committee, City of Edmonton
  • Past President, ABC Tech (Alberta Council of Technologies)
  • Acting President, Clark Ecoscience
  • Quality Assurance, Mammoet
  • Executive Director, ACE BIM (Alberta Centre of Excellence in Building Information Management)
  • Sustainable Design Co-ordinator, Stantec Engineering
  • MA Communication and Technology

Darryl Heuman, ITSM


Darryl serves as both a Director at Wayfinders and as its Chief Technology Officer. He has worked as a Network Analyst at Shared Services Canada since 2010 and was promoted to Senior Network Analyst.  He is also an IT entrepreneur on the side helping small businesses with their computer requirements. He holds a Diploma in IT and Systems Management from MacEwan College.

  • Senior Network Analyst, Shared Services Canada
  • President, Heuman Computing Services
  • Chief Technology Officer, Wayfinders Business Co-operative
  • Over 15 years of progressive IT experience
  • Diploma, Information Technology and Systems Management, MacEwan College

Litzy Baeza, MA


Litzy has over 15 years of experience in International Education and Development. Litzy has worked in various post-secondary institutions in Canada and has lived and worked overseas for a number of years in a number of different capacities.

Litzy also has extensive experience with intercultural & diversity and inclusion training in Canada, Cuba and Chile. She has provided training/coaching/facilitating workshops and training sessions to various groups and organizations as well as designing and delivering an online intercultural communication course. She has also provided consulting for various organizations and institutions in helping them increase their practices in intercultural competency & diversity and inclusion practices.

Lizty holds a Masters degree in Latin American Studies and a BA in Psychology. She currently serves on the Centre for Race and Culture Board. She is a creative writer, currently writing about my life experiences in Cuba. She also has experience in copywriting, transcription, localization & editing.

  • Intercultural, Cross-Cultural, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant
  • Over 15 years of experience in International Education and Development
  • Instructor Cross Cultural Intelligence, NAIT
  • Freelance intercultural trainer for assignee relocating to Havana, Cuba
  • Masters of Latin American Studies, Universidad de Chile
  • Certificate in Intercultural Studies, The University of British Columbia

William Fritzberg, MA


William Fritzberg is a creative advocate and champion for innovative storytelling. He is currently employed at Onlea as a Design Strategist. He’s collaborated with individuals and organizations across sectors and cultures to realize their ideas and initiatives through digital media. With a deep understanding of human psychology and the technical know-how to take an idea from concept to implementation, William sees opportunities everywhere to engage people in meaningful ways.

He holds a BFA in Film Production from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (’08) and Masters in Research for Design and Innovation from the Elisava School of Design (and Pompeu Fabra University) in Barcelona (’16). 

William’s work has always been firmly rooted in community—raised on a small island off the coast of Washington, William saw the value of collective collaborations from a young age. In Vancouver, he was an avid member of the independent film scene—helping long-time filmmakers adapt to changing technologies and personally supporting the creation and educational distribution of documentaries tackling historical, social. environmental and Indigenous issues.

With Wayfinders, William is excited to join a community in-the-making that demonstrates a new model for growing a collaborative economy—with respect for each other and our shared future.

  • Design Strategist, Onlea (online learning productions)
  • Freelance Film and Video Producer
  • Master of Arts – Design, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
  • BA Fine Arts, University of British Columbia