We need collaborators. We need YOU!

Why Collaboration is Important

Wayfinders Business Co-operative is an incorporated democratic  community. As a member you are both a shareholder in the company and a ‘citizen‘ of the community.

It is by working together that we are able to provide the full suite of services that we promise. We come together to do things that cannot be done easily as individuals. Ultimately, we build a productive and enjoyable business environment for ourselves!

Benefits of Collaborating at Wayfinders

  • Demonstrate your talents and skills to fellow members and prospective clients and partners
  • Learn the inside operations of Wayfinders
  • Sharpen your skills against new challenges in a new context
  • Experience that ‘something bigger than yourself’ — a community of trust
  • Be a part of something special with exciting growth potential!

What Wayfinders Needs

Teamwork opportunity!

We need people with specific skill sets at any given time.  Right now we need people with the following skills and experience:

  • Web design and User Experience (UX)
  • Business analysis
  • Systems architecture and systems integration
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Database programming
  • Open source programming
  • Project management
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Club management

If you know someone who may qualify please share this page.

If you would like to help out but don’t have any of these specific skills, let us know and we can probably find a way for you to help.

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