Staging Area

The Wayfinders Staging Area is a test zone for services currently under development.

We are gathering our gear to climb the slopes!

We see a world of change and we need to match or beat that change. Independent businesses and organizations have limited resources, but if we pool resources we can achieve greater economies of scale for all of us. We can develop and provide services that none of us could develop alone.

The sky is the limit!

Wayfinders is on a continuous improvement path. Our services depend on direction and feedback from our members and others from the business and non-profit community. We need to know that our services will be used, appreciated and serve our members well. 

What do independent businesses need?  To buy and sell? To hire and be hired? Get funding and invest? Networking and learning? Here are some ways we will help our members add value and get fairly compensated. Try them. ‘Like’ them. Tell us what you think!

We appreciate your comments and suggestions so we can better serve our members.