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2019 Retro

What I always enjoy most this time of year is the mirror of reflection that turns to a window on the future. Its a time to measure and celebrate successes and plan for new ones. Its a time to indulge in the memories of good times, good works and good people. Its then time to project our best intentions and plot their realization.

Wayfinders has been making great progress of late, thanks to a team of committed people in their chosen land. I would like to thank them especially, for their contributions to our developing websites:

  • Shagufta Tasneem
  • Alain Katihabwa
  • Shun Li
  • Ye Lui
  • Deepa Bhanashali
  • Bratati Bhattacharya
  • Aanandi Khera
  • Yogesh Patel

Darry Heuman and William Fritzberg have provided a indispensable guidance and leadership through this effort. Thanks to Dean Heuman and Focus Communication for the use of their meeting space.

I’d like to thank my fellow board directors for their contributions and guidance:

Thanks to great facilitation by Bill Moore-Kilganon we now have a working strategic plan! We worked through the annual financial statements and now our strategic plan is unfolding.

Thanks to Marie Gervais, Rena Chiovelli and Kirsha Campbell for preparing the important member survey, and Rena Chiovelli for helping with our FB Group and hosting our summer gathering. These are critical components of serving our member’s needs.

Summer Social Gathering at Rena’s home
Spring Mixer at Ricky’s All Day Grill
Leo at trade show booth at EREIC Connector event

Thank you to Fresia Pilquil and Paul Cheung for their video productions. We can expect to see more of this coming soon.

Thanks to Kirsha Campbell and Evelinne Crawford Teichgraber for helping out on the Finance Team and thanks in advance for the support for financial planning yet to come.

Thanks to Leo Campos Aldunez in particular for recruiting new members and contributors, organizing events, but also for providing the sounding board.

We are nothing if not grateful!