About Wayfinders Business Co-operative

We help you prepare for and succeed in a quickly changing and complex world.

Gear up for the gig economy!


Wayfinders Business Co-operative is a member-based organization to support small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, managers, self-employed professionals and non-profit organizations. Each member owns one voting share of the company and has access to a variety of support services.

  • Focus on what you do best – the core value your customers appreciate
  • Access easy and affordable productivity software on demand in a cloud
  • Tap into crowd-sourcing methods to find suppliers, resources, partners and solutions
  • Engage a trusted, diverse and inclusive community both online and in person
  • Improve your productivity and profits while reducing wasted time and distractions
  • Vote for the co-op board of directors and policies that best represent your interests
  • Learn, produce, participate, collaborate, innovate and celebrate!

If you apply for membership and are approved you will be asked to purchase a membership share.  You will become an equal owner of Wayfinders Business Co-operative!  Each member gets one membership voting share in Wayfinders. This share entitles the member to vote at general meetings and any motion that is put to the general membership. The par value of the share is $100 (Can). It is redeemable at any time at par value. Annual user fees also apply (value as posted).

“We have an opportunity to help people redefine themselves in a chaotic time. I say let’s work together cooperatively and make a difference.” – Randal Adcock

Use the button below to make a donation to Wayfinders Business Cooperative.  You will be taken to the PayPal platform where you have the options of paying via your own PayPal account, by credit card or by debit card. We thank you for your support!


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