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Ahmad Sabetghadam (Ben Sabet) has a PhD in International Intercultural Education from the University of Alberta with an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Machinery & Technology and a Masters’ of Science in Agricultural Extension and Adult Education from the University of Utah, USA. He is an educator, researcher, program and community development consultant, an expert on bridging cultures and has been involved in various teaching and research works in academia, community organizations, and agricultural farming and industries. His most recent interests are in cooperative development, community and capacity building, food and digital literacy, information system management, food industries, hospitality services, business entrepreneurship , marketing and networking.

He has developed the first Persian Language and Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta in Canada, build an international alumni directory as a research associate and project coordinator at the Centre for International Education and Development (CIED) at University of Alberta. Mr. Sabet has designed and delivered training workshops/events on Peace Education, Global Citizenship, Indigenous People Knowledge and Experience, Cultural Diversity and Inclusion, Intercultural Understanding for living together. In 2007, he completed a comprehensive proposal for establishing the Centre of Excellence for Intercultural and International Understanding at the NorQuest College.

During last two years, his life took him into a new journey understanding more about old age, home care, system of care (caring), continuing care, and end of life and palliative care.  In 2016, he was selected as one of the 12 panel members participating in a national conference about palliative care matters for consensus development. This conference and the resulting consensus led to 3 billion dollars of grant allocated for palliative care system in Canada.  He is also an active member in Family Advisory Council of Alberta Healthcare, Edmonton Community Adult Learning Association (ECALA), and a Program Consultant to Multicultural Health Brokers Coop and NorQuest College.

Presently, he is mentoring small business entrepreneurs and consulting with community organizations. He has many years of experience working with seniors and busy writing proposals for senior project wellbeing, providing consultation for building an inclusive palliative care model, and developing a farming community cooperative. He has developed and expanding the following programs: Food and Digital Literacy Mindfulness Movement, Real Good Food Production, Consumption, Preparation, and Distribution, Seniors Outreach Strategies for Preventing Loneliness, Intergenerational Gaps, and Chronic Mental/Physical Illnesses.

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Ben Sabet, 2017

Ahmad Sabetghadam (Ben Sabet), PhD
Intercultural International Education
Community Engagement & Program Development
Food & Digital Literacy Program Specialist