Welcome to a member-driven support platform!

Wayfinders Business Co-operative is establishing a platform of management support services for our members. Together, our members create an economy of scale so we can access services that members individually are unlikely to afford or access. We will serve as a community to help each other thrive. Our site is currently under construction with more content and features being added as we grow.

Our Vision

Members will access a variety of integrated support services to help manage their businesses and organizations. Services are provided in two ways: business-to-business among members, and software-as-a- service in a cloud. Services may include any identified business requirements that make a good business case. Members will use our shared resources to optimize the value they offer their customers while earning appropriate returns.

Helping you meet your business requirements

Software-as-a-Service in a Cloud

  • Access a suite of online tools for management support, such as training, mentoring, business analysis, planning, forecasting, data analytics, decision support, collaboration, business match-making, project management and more
  • Most software offered will consist of integrated open-source programs to provide a common toolbox to get work done
  • Build your own user profile, control console and performance dashboard in a cloud environment, and use a standardized navigation system to access the various tools available
  • Access online forums for member discussions on subjects of shared interest.

We place a premium on building a trusting and supportive community.

Business-to-Business Community

  • Support for local Wayfinders Chapter Clubs for and by local members
  • A program for local meeting management will be provided, including instructional material on how to set up, promote, manage and maintain a live local forum
  • Use live and local facilitation services based on best practices with engaging subject matters. Network with local members on any subject of shared interest
  • Conduct business in a community of trust as you would with your other long term suppliers, customers, and partners whether members or non-members
  • Build a strong business environment with Communities of Practice, Supply Chains and Nets, Industry Clusters, Business Ecosystems and even International Trade

Wayfinders Business Co-operative

  • As a co-operative, Wayfinders exists to to provide the best available range of services to members at an affordable cost. It is not to maximize shareholder profits.  Your own company will profit
  • Wayfinders is inclusive so we can leverage diversity for shared gain
  • Wayfinders is governed by a board of directors that is elected by members.
  • Members also get to vote on key decisions affecting the organization. Members democratically decide what services will be provided

In the future, imagine!

  • Specially equipped facilities like maker-spaces, commercial kitchens, design studios, shops and labs!
  • A network of Wayfinders Local Clubs around the country and the globe!
  • Wayfinders Co-op will have a team of developers working to assemble and develop excellent methods and techniques for live and online management support services